Sea Elves

Sea Elves are a subspecies of Elves that live mainly underwater. They are somewhat amphibious as they can breathe air as well as water.


+2 Dex
–2 Int
Favored class: Fighter
• Medium Size
• 30’ movement
• Immunity to magic sleep
• +2 Racial bonus on Listen, Search, & Spot
• Automatic Search check if an Elf passes
within 5’ of a secret or concealed door
• +2 Racial bonus to saves vs. Enchantments
• Improved Low-Light Vision (4x human in dim light)
• Automatic proficiency with Trident, Longspear, & Net
• Have the (aquatic) subtype.
• Can breathe underwater as well as aboveground,
• Swim speed of 40’ & can “run” when swimming in a
straight line. +8 Racial bonus to Swim checks. Can
always Take 10.

Sea elves can breathe air as well as water

Sea elf

Sea Elves

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