Pookas are relatively docile creatures, about the size of a cat, with large, round, lopped ears and a long tail. They come in many patter varieties, and can often have multi-colored eyes. They are usually peaceful, but can become violent if threatened. They are herbivorous, and generally live in burrows.


Small fey shapechanger (animal)
Hit dice – 1d8+1 (10 hp)
Initiative – 4
Speed – 40 ft.
AC – 17 (2 size, +4 dex, +1 racial bonus)
Attacks – Bite (
1 melee)
Damage – Bite (1d6)
Face/reach – 5/5
Special attacks – None
Special qualities – Can shapeshift into creature up to Large size, but cannot attack in this form, retains same stats, and requires a DC 15 Will save to stay shapechanged if attacked or put under other strenuous activity. (A special feat only usable by pookas described later, Proficient Shapeshifting, will increase shapeshifting power) Uses Small equipment.
Saves – Fort 0, Ref +4, Will +0
STR – 6 (-4)
DEX – 15 (
CON – 11
INT – 12 (+2)
WIS – 10
CHA – 10
Skills – +2 move silently, +2 search, +2 hide, +2 jump, -8 swim
Languages – Common, Pookish, 2 other per extra int bonus.
Alignment – nearly always chaotic.
Notes: CANNOT WEAR ARMOR (certain clothing can be worn however). Has racial bonus to AC and HP (see HP and AC). Preffered class is rogue, and does well in classes such as druid, rangers, and dex-based fighters.
Race unique feat – Proficient Shapeshifting: Will save for shapeshifting is DC 5. Requires Will save 5, Dex 15 and Con 13.


Pookas worship Loki, and have a festival at seemingly random points in the year, called T’dirrin, which is a festival for Loki. During T’dirrin, the moon turns red and it is night for several days at a time.


Pookas have a very complex society, which is usually peaceful. The society itself is built upon mating, and it is a very important part of any pooka’s life.

Pookas are very social creatures
Pooka sleeping
Pookas are very prone to physical contact and cuddling
Pookas are herbivoric
Pooka, drawn by a friend of mine


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