Dark Elves

Dark Elves (or Drow) are a subsecies of Elves that lives in dark places, as well as having dark skin, monochrome hair, and red, blue, or grey eyes. They worship Lolth, and are ‘kin’ to spiders.


+2 Dex
–2 Con
Favored class: Wizard(males) or Cleric(females)
• Medium Size
• 30’ movement
• Immunity to magic sleep
• +2 Racial bonus on Listen, Search, & Spot
• Automatic Search check if an Elf passes
within 5’ of a secret or concealed door
• +2 Racial bonus to saves vs. Enchantments
• Darkvision 60’
• Light Blindness – daylight blinds the drow for
1 round; then a –1 to Attack rolls, Spot checks, &
Search checks in bright light
• Automatic proficiency with Hand-Crossbows, Rapier,
& Shortsword.
• +2 Racial bonus on Will save vs. spells & spell-like
• Cast the following spells 1/day at Character level:
Dancing Lights
Touch of Fatigue

Dark elf

Dark Elves

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